A Mountain Lovestory

Dear Mountains,
You guided me through the darkest valleys
You guided me on the brightest heights.
You’ve been there for me when life hit me hard
You’ve been there for me when life gave me everything
When I needed to escape my everyday life you gave me a refuge
When I needed to make my thoughts you gave me the silence to focus

Dear Moutains,
I can always count on you
I can always trust you
You can cheer me up
You can give me what i need
You brought me the greatest smile
You brought me the greatest view

Dear Mountains
You can be cold, freezing and uncomfortable
You can be warm, cheering and enjoyful
You play the sweetest sounds
You play the hardest chords
Your slopes can be slippery and intense
Your slopes can be grippy and mild

Dear Mountains 
You taught me about myself
You taught me what life is about
With your support I can achieve anything
With your support no task is too big
You are my family
You are my loved ones

Dear Mountains
I love you

Published by slopes and ropes

Bergsportler und Bergenthusiast

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